Spring Products provides you with industrial strength torsion springs

used to apply torque or to store and release energy. Torque, a twisting action

In torsion springs which tends to produce rotation equal to the load multiplied

by the distance from the load to the axis of the spring, is usually expressed

as inch pounds. Along with our stock sizes of torsion springs, we can create

custom torsion springs with the torque or energy storage you need.


A Torsion spring is connected to other components. When these

components exert force onto the spring, the spring tries to push the components

back to their original position. Torsion Springs are found in many everyday

products. They are used in automobile suspensions, garage door assemblies,

clothes pins, and mousetraps. Whether you need a small or large torsion spring,

Izotsha Springs will produce the right spring for you!