The types of Coil Springs supplied by Spring Products are: 

           - Helix – Right & Left Hand

           - Torsion Springs – Single & Double

           - Compression Springs

           - Extension Springs

Custom Coil Springs 
We can also manufacture made to order and custom Coil Springs! 

Coil Springs for Pressure Compensation Devices 
Spring Products can manufacture the right spring needed for your pressure compensation devices such as:

  • Valves

• Regulators

• Chokes
• Dumps

• Piston return in air and hydraulic

   systems and controls.

Coil Spring Materials 

We manufacture coil springs from most any material you need including*: 

  • Beryllium Copper

• BETA C Titanium

• Chrome Silicon

• Chrome Vanadium

• Elgiloy

• Hastelloy B and C

• Inconel: 600, 625, 718, X-750

• Monel: 400, K-500

• MP35N
• Music Wire

• Phosphorus Bronze

• Rene 41

• 302 Stainless Steel

• 17-4, 17-7 Stainless Steel

• 316 Stainless Steel

• Titanium

• Tempered 1075/1095

• Annealed 1074/1075

*While we maintain an extensive inventory of steel, nickel-based and copper-based materials: We must rely on our wire mill vendors for specific specialty materials to acquire materials for all of our customers' requirements. 


Spring Products is a US spring manufacturer. We have a coiling capacity of 195,000 plus coiled parts per day using the “auto-coiling” method. Coil springs are made of an elastic material formed into the shape of a helix (“Helix” is Greek for coil or spiral). 

Spring Products has many sizes of coil springs, torsion springs, compression springs and extension springs in stock and available for fast response domestic or international shipping.