By adhering to the strictest standards, Izotsha
Springs produces the highest quality stainless steel springs in the business.
Stainless steel springs are a high-quality and inexpensive spring solution. 302
Stainless steel springs are magnetic strips that are most often used in high
temperatures and are corrosion resistant. By adding chromium to the steel
Izotsha Springs International makes a spring that inhibits the rusting
process, lending to a longer life-span for your spring. In addition to
resisting corrosion, 302 Stainless steel springs are resistant to many
chemicals and are often used in food processing applications.

Our 302 Stainless steel springs:

·        Classed as ASTM A313 or A1S1 springs

·        Modulus of elasticity is 28,000,000 psi

·         Modulus in torsion is 10,000,000 psi

·        Maximum operating temperature is 550 degrees F.

Izotsha Springs International has a wide selection
of stainless steel springs in stock and available for shipping.